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Having insurance cover to protect you through life changing events can be the difference between your life getting back on track, or not.

For those of you who’ve experienced the challenges of poor health, job loss or the loss of a loved one, you’ll know that the last thing you need on top of everything is financial stress.

Insurance is the safety net you need when things go wrong, whether it is through illness, injury, loss of income or loss of a loved one. Having insurance protection will give you the peace of mind to make it through these traumatic and challenging times.

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Critical Illness Cover

If you become critically ill, it is generally impossible for you to continue working to your same capacity, if at all. If this happens to you, whether it is through cancer, cardiovascular disease or some other illness, you need to ensure your family is protected and provided for.

Critical Illness Cover, or Trauma Cover, can ensure your family is supported financially during this difficult time. Trauma cover insures you to receive a lump sum payout while you are still alive, giving both you and your family peace of mind to focus on improving your health.

What we offer

Trauma insurance can be used to pay private medical costs, ongoing therapy, debt repayment and provide an income stream for your family, although income protection may be a better option if this is what you require.

The Oncore Wealth team can help you assess the right amount of critical illness cover, based on your individual circumstances and your financial and personal commitments.

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