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  • The emergence of contractor management outsourcing

    Jan 31, 2014

    Like many across the globe, Australian businesses have experienced significant changes in the approach to workforce and contractor payroll management. Companies are adopting new strategies to manage their contingent workforce, brought on by the need to streamline their workforce engagement. The growing complexities of juggling full-time, part-time, job share, and satellite employees, as well as a growing segment of contingent workers, has also played a part in the development of this change.

    For organisations who are rebuilding following the GFC, a strong contingent workforce is an essential part of a risk-averse talent pool. Contractors ensure your access to appropriate skills for critical roles, which is something not always achievable when recruiting for permanent positions. With the employment of more contractors, however, can come greater risks and more administration headaches.

    Outsourcing of temporary workers, specialists, contractors, and consultants is becoming more common as companies realise the benefits. Contractor payroll and management outsourcing is a growing trend among corporates as a solution to manage the complexities that come with a large contingent workforce, which greatly minimises risks and takes administrative pressure off HR departments. This is because by law, contractors need to be managed in a very different way than permanent employees, which most often results in an added burden for a company’s HR department.

    Employing contractors can be complex with specific legislation covering everything from how contracts are drafted to how employment and payment is structured. Due to this, companies often find having access to someone with an expert understanding of these compliance matters who can also help ensure financial and contractual risks are minimised is preferable to managing it in-house.

    Companies that specialise in contractor payroll management will customise a solution to suit your company, from a complete end to end tailored solution through to insurance cover for individual contractors. A good company will also provide a flexible platform for clients to drive new innovations in the management of their contingent workforce and business flow models. This allows the business to experience more control in dealing with their contractors quickly and directly.

    If you’d like to find out more about contractor payroll and management outsourcing, Oncore Services can provide genuine efficiency, cost savings and flexibility through a robust and scalable platform. Contact us now on 1300 654 484 to speak with one of our dedicated team members.

  • Finding your ideal contractor umbrella company

    Dec 19, 2013

    Contractor umbrella companies exist for the purpose of providing contractors with a comprehensive tax and payroll solution. With such a task, however, comes the responsibility of finding and picking the one that best suits your needs as a contractor.

    Unsure where to start? Begin by searching online and comparing websites. Reviews and lists of suppliers exist heavily across the internet, so you can easily do your research with little effort. It’s important to remember to eventually choose the company that best serves your purpose. Recommendations from people you know is also helpful in determining whether a company fits what you are looking for.

    Next, understanding how long the company has been around is also helpful in determining whether or not the company is capable of carrying out adequate services for you. For example, Oncore Services has been providing payroll solutions to contractors for a strong 15 years, with personal experience in contracting in Australia and overseas. This factor of experience and knowledge should play a significant role in choosing your umbrella company.

    Of course, another important factor to consider is the costs involved, and what’s included with those costs. Typically, umbrella companies charge on a weekly basis and deduct directly from your earnings before they distribute them to you. Obviously, the less fees the better, but always ensure quality comes with those fees. You don’t want to get caught out receiving nothing for what you pay for, even if the fees are low.

    When you think about why you choose to operate as a contractor under an umbrella company, not only is it because of convenience, but particularly to ensure all tax, expenses and contracts are compliant. Compliance assurance is the number one reason contractors enjoy the use of umbrella companies. The company is able to give advice for things from what wages to expect to what expenses you can claim. The company can manage your tax effectively, because they already know your income and history. Coming in line with compliance assurance is also the capacity for service from the umbrella company. They need to be capable of providing a dedicated account manager for their contractors who, as previously said, understand your income and history. The ability to address things quickly and effectively comes second to only compliance in levels of importance.

    Oncore Services, with over 15 years’ experience in contractor management, understands the need for flexible solutions that optimise the contractor advantage. With the necessary infrastructure, technology, experience, and expertise, Oncore operates globally to take away the hassles of administration, taxes, compliance, and liabilities so you can get on with what you’d rather do.

    If you’d like to find out more about the services Oncore can offer contractors, call 1300 654 484 to speak to one of our dedicated team members.

  • Technology in contingent labour management

    Nov 15, 2013
    Contractor numbers in contingent labour are at approximately 26 per cent in Australia, a two per cent increase from 2012, as predicted by Adecco's Temporary Labour Report for 2013 released earlier this year.

    As independent contractors and temporary workers become an increasingly large percentage of the workforce, companies are in need of further guidance and access to more efficient management services and platforms. The correct tools are vital to assist companies successfully manage and navigate the risks in dealing with the dynamic of this engaged workforce.

    Oncore's OneVendor model offers both host companies and recruitment agencies unique and customisable solutions to ensure contractor engagements are managed compliantly, whilst providing the transparency and controls needed for a contingent workforce. This allows employers to focus on core strategies of the business.

    Oncore's management system offers online time and attendance timesheet reporting, project tracking, invoicing, payroll, and expense management. Together with cash flow funding options, debtor management, tax, and legislative compliance, all these tools are focused on offering the smoothest possible service while reducing risks associated with a flexible contingent workforce.

    Clients can tailor Oncore's solutions as comprehensively as their needs require, with some choosing to utilise only selected services and others taking on the full range of services on offer. Each client has different needs and Oncore is capable of offering solutions to suit any contractor payroll requirements.

    Oncore's solutions deliver to clients what is now vital in the contingent workforce arena. What was once a challenging space to navigate for employers, or even contractors, has now become an appealing contractor engagement method, as these tools remove the obstacles and risk from the client. This allows those involved to focus on what they do best, whether that's growing the business or being a professional contractor.


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