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Soft Landing Services

International experience is an asset for any professional contractor, as it gives you an opportunity to widen your knowledge base and create new career opportunities in new markets.

We have been supporting travelling professionals heading to the UK for many years, helping them with travel preparations and ensuring they land on their feet with the confidence and knowledge they need to find a home and a job. Our world class contractor management service also guarantees savings on UK tax, meaning more take home pay to enjoy your overseas experience.

Services for Contractors

Soft Landing for Contractors

Specialist Support for Key Industries

For professionals in our target industries, including accounting and finance, IT and banking, we can assist with a range of services, from support with visas and permits, to accommodation on arrival in London and a serviced office at your disposal to begin engaging potential employers.

We can also assist with bank accounts, National Insurance numbers and registering with the National Health System (NHS).

Save on UK Tax

For most people, the main objective when heading to the UK is to experience a new culture while earning enough to travel and experience all Europe has to offer. Oncore offers all the support and tools you need to get to the UK and land on your feet. We can also help you save on tax in the UK by offering you an excellent contract management service so you enjoy the benefits of contracting without the headaches of MSC (IR35) Limited Company administration, MSC and AWR regulations, insurances or accounts. This is more than just an 'umbrella company' as these structures provide professional employment solutions for contractors.

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